Things All Men Should Know About Sex

by: Hayley Grantham

Sex. Despite porn and numerous extremely instructional popular songs (Sledgehammer in the 80s, Let’s Talk About Sex in the 90s, What’s Your Fantasy in the 00s), many men still seem pretty clueless about sex.

Still, rather than dwell on why that may be – I mean, God, you wouldn’t want to have to TALK to your partner about what they want, would you? – I’ve come up with a handy list of things all men should know about sex.

1. Never underestimate the power of kissing
Practice makes perfect – she doesn’t want you to eat her face off but a good, passionate kiss can really get things going. Lip-biting – although not so hard so you draw blood – is also hot. Nibble her neck and don’t neglect the breasts.

2. Be clean
If you smell good you are instantly more attractive. There is nothing sexier than a man in good cologne. Note: This does not mean going for a bath in cologne.

3. Take your socks off
Yes you may have toenails that need angle grinding or are dead from all your football injuries but you know the only thing worse to look at? Socks.

4. Have Fun
Sex should always be fun. It should never be a chore. Have a giggle, give her a little tickle on her stomach. Don’t be so serious.

5. Don’t limit it to the bedroom
Variety is the spice of life. Just because the bed is comfortable doesn’t mean it’s the best place for good sex.

6. Don’t ever just focus on the ‘main event’
Given that 70 per cent of women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, foreplay is paramount as, for the majority, it IS the main event.

7. Don’t be selfish
It’s not all about you. Sex should be enjoyed by you both and you should both finish (although, if you’ve tried and it’s just not happening for her it’s WAY better to stop and cuddle then keep chafing away for hours on end).

Also, if you want to have sex then just say. Euphemisms of any kind are just wrong.

8. Mix it up a little
Dress up, role play, sexy texts during the day and sex toys are all good.

9. Make noise
I don’t mean that you should start yodelling in the middle of sex, but if you are enjoying it let her know. The occasional moan and bit of dirty talk is fine, as long as you can pull it off.

10. Don’t assume you know how to please a woman
This is the most important point. Regardless of how much of stud you think you are, not all girls are the same.

What one woman likes, another will hate.

Luckily, most women drop hints when you’re doing something they like, so just listen out for them and remember to do what you did again.

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