How Black Women Get Flawless Beautiful Looking Skin

by: Ronny Marie Martin

Black women obtain flawless beautiful looking skin by practicing a daily regimen. Whether it be avoiding the sun or washing and moisturizing every day, their regimen is practiced faithfully. Once they find something that works, they generally stick with it for years to come, often passing their regimen to their daughters.

Step 1
Stay out of the sun to avoid skin damage or disease. Black women possess a dark brown pigment in their skin called melanin, which minimizes the need to sunbathe or use tanning beds. While in the sun, melanin absorbs the energy of UV light and helps prevent the light from damaging skin cells. Although they still remain vulnerable, black women have more melanin protecting against the sun's harmful effects than white women.

Step 2
Apply cocoa butter or cocoa butter products to the skin. Moisturizing the skin is extremely important to black women. Skin can often become dry and itchy or take on a white "ashy" appearance. Keeping moisturized minimizes itching and scratching, which could damage the skin's surface. Cocoa butter is a popular remedy in the African-American community regarding moisturizing, skin care or skin pigmentation issues. It is often applied in its purest form, sold as a cocoa butter stick, or through moisturizers or creams with cocoa butter in the ingredients. While there is no scientific data supporting the effectiveness of cocoa butter in resolving stretch marks or discoloration of the skin, black women stand behind the product anyway and use it quite often, even if only for moisturizing.

Step 3
Have a positive body image. Studies have shown that black women generally have a more positive body image than Caucasians, depending on what they accept in beauty standards. If you are seriously unhappy with something pertaining to your body such as skin, facial features or weight, you would probably make several attempts to change it. Black women may already believe they have beautiful skin, which results in less tampering or altering of its surface: no tanning, microdermabrasion or use of harsh topical ointments and creams.

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